The Wintery Alberta Foothills

Write about this if you have a minute,whoever you are.


Sending thoughts to

Bent in Leather & tight lit, letters often burn pages to stun me.

As a result of dusk then dawn page overflow,encased lit brought to you by Don Pendleton in the Executioner.

ASSAULT to the maffioso trouble makers who hide behind the policioso quite often engage in illegal tivity.

ENGAGING forces dropping smoke n fire force Mack Bolan to retreat again n again.

END RESULTING in a win defeat as the Policesioso hunt down Bolan’s Squad of fearless buddies from Nam.

Nothing WaSted


Watch “Jody Williams: A realistic vision for world peace”

Earth Peace by Poor Aliens

“Illuminate” The War is beginning, so fuck you too.

World Powers grow Fat Asses

Take action by watching this video to beef up your arsenal and spread the good word.

Stop throwing away all the good of Earth into nuclear missiles,power,war,and selfishness.