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Stephen Dobyns–whom Stephen King has described as “the best of the best”–is back with a comic suspense novel about a small-time con operation, a pair of combative detectives, and the pride, revenge, and deception that guide us all. 

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Reaching out to fellow readers requires extended loving arms almost as long as the longest book you’ve ever read.

My latest strung out ebook read,happens to be Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith.

The Funny Thing is; when it comes down to life’s time factor,my reading list was crunched into electrical blue prints and the local newspaper.

Set in the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Gorky Park is the first book in a series featuring the character Arkady Renko, a Moscow homicide investigator. Two subsequent books, Polar Star and Red Square, are also set during the Soviet era. Five further books take place after the fall of the Soviet Union. These are Havana Bay, set in communist Cuba; Wolves Eat Dogs, which follows Renko(Columbo) in the disaster of Chernobyl; Stalin’s Ghost in which Arkady returns to a Russia led by Vladimir Putin, Three Stationsand Tatiana.

Gorky Park was a major best-seller, vaulting Smith to fame after a decade as a moderately successful professional author. The novel was adapted into a successful 1983 film of the same name.

In 1983 a film adaptation of the novel was released starring William Hurt as Arkady, Joanna Pacula as Irina, Lee Marvin as Osborne and Brian Dennehy as Kirwill.

So tell me whats up in your latest cosy read,so we can share a tinsy byte of eblog treats.

Lit Tip

The Gift of Goodbye

It’s gone girl

But where ?

It’s not that there’s no way for it to make another appearance in my little hands.

How badly can you lose that book with no covers,you want to read again,but how ?

How to find a book you can’t find.

How to find a book

Forgotten its title ?

I was thinking of thinking of you again book buddy.

Always keep a few books under the workbench.

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